Finca Simplelifemagalia S.C. (Fincas Maella) is Maella's number one estate agent with many years of positive experience for both the buyer and the seller and with a large amount of realized purchase agreements. We are familiar with the Bajo-Aragon region and the associated organizations. We strive for as professional service as possible during the purchase process and after-sales service. In addition, we are a registered broker, with the relevant academic qualifications and you can visit us at our office.

Here's a brief introduction of what we do:

Before the purchase

- Investigation property status with respect to the legality, payments made, current owner / owners and other relevant information which is mentioned in the sellers´ deed, the registry, the cadastral and the Notary.

- Preparation of a provisional purchase contract; Guidance on the application of the NIE; State registration to allow for payment of tax in Spain; Payment of the transfer tax; Name change for the payment of the corresponding recurring costs for the property; All correspondence relating to the purchase; Guidance registration at municipality; We provide assistance with opening a bank account; Assistance Notary visit; Required translations; Transfer and explanation of deed of sale; Periodic notification for tax payments.

After the purchase

- Meetings with local professionals, such as architects, contractors, electricians, carpenters, etc .; Visiting the property with professionals for a possible price quote; Request permission and assistance for any projects; Supervision of the work and sending photographs of the work until completion.

- Other services offered by SLM are; Assistance with soil handling and if needed the associated contracts; Assistance in supplying water to the finca; Firewood delivery assistance; Storage of work vehicles and / or tools; Providing information concerning the property / the house and any other service that relates to translation and / or performance of intermediary.

Then a short summary of the content of our website;

Under 'Location', you will read about our exact location, read about accessibility, climate, and agrarian activities in the area. You will find information about what the region has to offer in "Free Time" and in "Living on a finca" you will read all about the possibilities of building and rebuilding.

Under 'Renovations' you will find information about our assistance during a renovation process and a link to our Google+ page where you can view photos of several renovation projects.

Under "New Owners" you will find comments from people who bought a finca or village house with SLM.

Our 'Catalog' consists of a range of carefully selected fincas and village houses, taking into account the location, accessibility, special features, quality and of course the price.

At 'Contact 'you will find our contact information.

And for all your questions, please visit our 'Guide' page. If you cannot find your question, or you would like to make an appointment with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our data can be found in 'Contact '.

A Spanish farm in the midst of mountains may seem unthinkable, but it's not!

Below you´ll find two videos; the first is a broadcast of the Aragon’s television with a reportage about Fincas Maella Simplelifemagalia S.C. and the second video is a corporate video: